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Welcome to the Desk of a translators’ group called “Anuwadaks.” (Translators)

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Why We Are Exist?

The world is growing fast. Internet is having fast speed. The time is running fast. The space is running out fast. There is a need to grow fast. There is a need to developed fast.  There is a need to get successful fast. There is a need to translate life, thoughts, inspirations, ideas, logic, relations, recipes, treatment, medication, wants, feelings etc.

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When everything is fast, then why do are we slow?

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Having question in mind,  Thought about this - “साथी हाथ बढ़ाना - एक अकेला  तो थक जायेगा - सब मिलकर ज़ोर लगाना” “Fellow Give a HAND - a lonely then be tired - stretch all together”

As there is a saying in Hindi, “अकेला चना भाड़ नहीं फोड़ सकता” The meaning of this saying is “Alone Soldier cannot win a war.” The development, success, growth all depends upon unity. Unity makes us strong. Unity means to be number one, oneness.